How to maintain the Static caravans for sale Cleethorpes

In case if you are the new owner of the caravan or if you are planning to purchase the sited static caravans for sale in Cleethorpes, it is essential to know more about the yearly maintenance of a caravan to make sure that it stays in the perfect condition. To clearly separate the responsibilities, it is a better option to sign the agreement with the park contractor that clearly specify the maintenance responsibilities for each party must be responsible for working on. This may really help to know the things that are offered by the park so that you can take care about the rest of the things.

In case, if you are planning to lease the caravan you require the LPG gas system yearly examined by the Corgi registered engineer for the fire safety purpose. Make sure that you must specify some details about the ownership contracts, so that you are clear about those points.

Generally, the modern caravans do not need higher level maintenance as the outer surface is made of the high-quality materials, but in some cases, it is essential to maintain during the winter season.

  • Wheels, Exterior, and Windows

As you that the outer surface does not need a higher level of maintenance, but you must clean the dirt and damp air once in a while. You know, most of the caravan owners pick the jet wash because it is economical and fast compared to manually scrubbing.


Make sure that the wheel bearings and rubber seals require to be cleaned. The wheel bearings changed or oiled if the caravan require to be moved and the window seals must be examined for leaks.


  • Guttering or Roof

You must ensure that the presence of the sea makes the roof moist and susceptible to mildew and moss. It is essential to clear the guttering in case if they get blocked periodically. The most reason for the blocked guttering is from moss and leaves because most of the people would like to park the caravan under the tree. It is vital that the guttering must be cleared for correct water dispersion. It is best to empty all the water system when you planned to close it during the winter season to prevent the frost damage.

Safety and security about the Static caravans for sale Cleethorpes

You must install the proper locks for the windows and doors, it is better to ensure that it is locked or not when you are not utilizing the caravan.

  • It is better to take away the valuable things from the caravan like appliances, costly soft furnishings, music systems, LCD screens and also other electronic goods that may tempt the thieves.
  • Make sure that it is better to install the best alarm system that is maintained by the park controllers.
  • You must ensure that the closed curtains may intensify the curiosity of the thief so that it is better to leave the curtains open, hence, anyone can view the caravan is reduced to essentials to the basics and there nothing worth inside.

How to choose the best Static caravans for sale Berwick upon tweed

If you are looking for static caravans for sale Berwick upon tweed you must know this, the Static caravans are the holiday residences which can be transportable, but they are generally found in the Caravan Park or at the campsite. The Static caravans are well furnished with the detailed description of the small apartment; including 2- 3 bedrooms and it have the capacity to accommodate 8 people. The Caravan parks lease out the lands for the owners of the caravans to locate their caravans as a perfect place for the holiday break.

Essential factors must consider choosing the static caravans for in sale Berwick upon tweed

There are many things that must examine before your family planning to spend the time on a Static Caravan in Berwick upon tweed.

  • In case, if a particular campsite of the caravan park is inclined to get flooded, it is recommendable to select the location that is suitable for you and your family.
  • The external furnishing of the caravan in Berwick like decks, pathways, garden and driveways also has the rules that are described according to the every park.
  • It is better to know the details about the licensing time and also the number of years that they are agreeing with you to allow the caravan in the park premises.
  • In case, if you are planning your own static caravans for sale in Berwick upon tweed and also the land of the caravan you must make sure that they are permitted along with the park.
  • You must ensure the Geographical inclination of the campsite, before signing the contract for locating the caravan in Berwick.
  • You must examine with other park rules that you require attaching such as the pet regulations, insurance, and bottled gas.
  • You know many of the Caravan parks in the Berwick have not opened whole year and are usually closed during the winter season. So you must check and validate seasonal restrictions will conflict the time when you are planning to use the caravan.

Travel Expenditure to reach Static caravan

If you are planning to spend the time this year in the static caravan then you must consider the traveling charges are reasonable for your price. You must also consider the road maps, train and bus routes that are essential to reach them when you are calculating the costs of the travel. You must investigate the rankings and associations that the park has connected with, to evaluate that how respectable the static caravan is.

If you are searching the Static caravans for sale Berwick upon tweed, then it is better to ask owners of the caravans to get the frank and realistic idea about the location. The prices may vary based on the new and the used static caravan. It will be safer prevented to employ an expert to evaluate the worth of the condition and location of the static caravan. Even the contract details must be confirmed like the park payments and the fee structure of the caravan, and also how the payment will be paid.

The static caravans in Berwick are the outstanding economic investments for the families, offering the cost effective holidays every time.

Campfire Skills and Static Caravans

Annette Stickler began teaching “Campfire Skills” in 1999. This was initially with young people teaching them about nature and bushcrafts. Today she instructs groups of all ages and also individuals.


Campfire Skills can become part of your own teaching programme. Whether you are a school, college or university establishment, daily visits can be arranged. Courses range from hourly sessions on specific skills to week long activities. Flexible teaching to meet each student’s needs and all taken part outdoors.

All equipment is supplied and to hand. All food and cooking ingredients are included. Campfire Skills certificate of achievement is awarded on completion.

Maximum class size: 12 students

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The are lots of sited caravans to choose from such as static caravans for sale in Berwick upon Tweed which is a beautiful seaside town right on the borders of Scotland in the district of Northumberland or maybe you prefer a bit further down south in the beautiful town of Cleethorpes

berwick upon tweed

Instruction for Disabled Students

Whatever your abilities, Campfire Skills value your individual talents.  With encouragement and guidance this is a chance for you to achieve something special with Bushcraft. As you will discover, Campfire Skills will build your self esteem and confidence. The real life skills you learn will help you on your journey to achieve your full potential.

Annette has knowledge and experience of working closely with people with ADHD, Tourettes Syndrome, Aspergers Syndrome, Dyspraxia. If you have a learning difficulty or a physical disability we will work around it. With the support of your staff we can design tailored courses to meet your needs. We can also travel to your own site.

One To One Bushcraft

Campfire Skills one-to-one tuition can be arranged to learn specific Bushcraft skills. A two day course would include accommodation is either in a traditional Sioux tipi or in a timber frame house. All equipment is provided and at hand. Food is supplied.

A one off or regular lessons can be arranged.

Private Courses

Whether you are a Scout group working towards a Bushcraft skill, or a group of friends who just want to learn and practise together, private courses can be arranged covering specific lessons.

Bushcraft Courses

“A journey of discovery”

Campfire Skills courses are a journey of discovery that will give you a greater connection with the natural world. The skills you will learn will not only contribute to your daily life but enrich your understanding of living with nature.

Nature will captivate and enrich your life

You can learn outdoor cooking, greenwood carving, how to experiment with natural materials, make once forgotten primitive artefacts, learn the tools which will take you further and watch the whole biodiversity of the woodland come alive around you. “Learning with Campfire Skills is the key which will open the door to the wilderness”.

More details can be found on the course pages (see right hand menu).